Why is animation a good field to choose as a career?

There is a constant increase in the use of animation not only for entertainment but also for other areas such as marketing, learning, project presentations, etc., the demand for good animation expert is higher than ever. The demand for those working with animations is here to stay and will be in higher demand in the years to come. To learn animation class visit skillshare for the different type of things that is availble for you to learn.

Scope for Animation

Animators today have one of the highest paid jobs today. Animations are so important due to the fact that visuals are one of the things that most impact the brain of a person. Be it learning or entertainment, better the visuals, greater is the impact and higher is the retention. This is a fact that was proven long ago by various scientists and scientific studies. Animation banks on this fact and has created a huge need for animation in today’s world.

Different types of Animation

Depending on what you learn you can be 2D or a 3D animator, a keyframe animator, a character animator, a texture artist, storyboard artist, rending and rigging artist, Digital ink/paint artist, etc. To learn animation class visit skillshare to learn about the different information you can access online.


An animator’s job is the perfect mix of technology and creativity with a potential to reach as high and as deep as you want with animation. Animation offers endless learning opportunities. Skill in sketching and a passion for animation and an eye for detail are the perfect foundation for a career in animation. Based on your skill level and experience in animation, there is almost no limit to how much you earn as an animator. The field of animation is so vast that there is never a shortage of work opportunities.

The advantage of using skillshare to learn animation is that you can choose what you want to learn, unlike in a traditional professional course. This lets you maximize your learning without wasting time on unnecessary skills.