Planning to set up your company’s Instagram profile? Here are some tips for you

Instagram has recently managed to reach the 700 million active app users mark and its offline mode is set to make the app even more engaging and entertaining. This mode will enable users to like, comment, and view Instagram images even when the device is not connected to the internet.

These days, many brands recognize the opportunity offered by Instagram. Several of them are already using Instagram campaigns to increase their leads, website traffic as well as sales. For those who are planning to start their campaign for the first time, here are some tips that can help in quickly building a reputation.

Account username needs to be relevant

Downloading the app and creating a personal account is simple. However, if you wish to opt for a branded corporate account, you need to approach a team of social media marketing professionals. A personal one can prove to be a good start, especially, if you run a small business/startup.

Select a user name that is simple, easy to remember, and consists of your brand name. Ask your designer to create a special profile image. Then, fill up all the profile related details to make sure that your profile looks authentic.

Initial set of followers play an important role

Do you wish to really Grow your Instagram account quickly? If so, the first step that you need to take after creating your brand’s profile is finding the initial set of followers. There are two ideas that can prove to be of great help.

The first one is ‘buying’ some followers. Yes, that’s correct; you can buy your followers from professional digital marketing companies that offer such services.

The second option is to simply follow everyone that you know. Follow journalists, writers, photographers, and in exchange, they might follow you back.

Getting first thousand followers artificially is necessary to acquire in order to attract organic ones as your profile’s popularity increases.

Stick to one post per day

At least one new post every day is necessary if you wish to keep your existing followers as well as attract new ones. These posts and images should be completely different from the materials that you use for your Facebook and Twitter account. Specially designed high-quality images can do the trick.

If you do not have designers and photographers in your team, it’s advisable to outsource Instagram campaign management to agencies that offer to manage such campaigns in the most professional way possible.